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  • What should I do if I fail the exam?

    The exam consists of a written test and a flight test. Failing either will require a make-up exam. Students can take make-up exams immediately after failing. Make-up exams will be arranged after the normal exams of the day or postponed to be taken along with other students, depending on the local training center’s practices. A student cannot fail the exam more than two times; otherwise, the student will have to sign up for the course and pay tuition again.

  • Do UTC certificates have a validity period?

    Yes. UTC Unmanned Aircraft Operator Certificates are valid for two years. When your certificate is about to expire, UTC will assess technology advancements along with any changes in laws and regulations and decide if you should be retrained or take updated exams to renew your certificate. If only an exam is required, students just need to pay related fees and pass the exam to renew.

  • If I obtain a UTC certificate, does it mean that I am a legal UAV pilot in every country?

    Regulations can vary depending on country or region. Pilots in some countries need to be licensed before operating UAVs. The holder of a UTC certificate is qualified in terms of practical skills and flight safety, but if you want to fly a drone legally, you should check and abide by all local rules and regulations.

  • Is the UTC Unmanned Aircraft Operator Certificate also valid in other countries?

    Yes. We are currently in the process of opening more training centers around the world and building an international vocational skill certification system similar to those of Microsoft and Cisco.

  • What kind of certificate will I obtain after passing an exam?

    After passing exams, students will receive a UTC Unmanned Aircraft Operator Certificate. Certificate type will vary depending on the specific course(s) taken and drone model(s) used during training.