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DJI Academy ARS Porto
Porto is a fascinating and vibrant city, with an extensive history and longevity. It is the second most populous and important city in the country, and therefore, its popularity skyrocketed in the last decade. These are more than enough reasons for the other DJI Portugal training center to be situated in.
In the Invicta, the classroom is in the western zone, in DJIs own ARS, Avenida da Boavista, number 740. For this reason, trainees can enjoy an experience very close to their passion. The room provides all the material and soundproofing necessary for quality training. In addition, if you want to acquire one of our drones, you are closer than ever to a specialized customer service. Beyond the avenue itself, one the city’s main, it is also accessible by multiple public transportation.
Following Avenida da Boavista, less than 20 minutes away you can find the Parque da Cidade do Porto, the largest in Portugal and the only one in Europe with a maritime front. With 83 acres, this flight area, surrounded by ample green spaces and other obstacles, is ideal for trainees to establish and improve their key piloting skills.
Come meet Porto, come meet the other home of DJI Academy Portugal.


 Educating Pilots of Tomorrow

The course was developed for corporations who plan to build up a pilot team and individuals that can achieve the best possibilities for drone applications. Through online learning and on-site, hands-on flight training, trainees will acquire the comprehensive knowledge and skills needed to become a professional pilot. This includes an overview of DJI’s latest UAS solutions, flight operation, mission workflow, flight safety knowledge, maintenance operations, and more.




All trainees will be required to undergo a standard test after the training course, consisting of a theory exam and practical test. A DJI UTC certificate will be issued to those who pass the test, as a recognition of UAS application competence.




1.  After registering for this course, the campus you selected will contact you to confirm your registration and guide you through the steps to pay for the course. You can also contact the campus through the contact information listed.

2.  Once you have paid for the course, you can start the training.

3.  This course includes theory and practical content. Once paid for, returns and refunds are not accepted.

4.  Once you have completed onsite training, passed the final theory exam, and passed the practice test, you will be presented with a UTC certificate.

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Soar Across the Sky                     See a New World

Compared to traditional photography, aerial photography provides more angles from which creators can capture the world. UASs are becoming a popular tool for travelers, wedding photographers, and journalists, among others. Taught by aerial photography instructors, trainees learn quickly with practical case studies and training.

What You Will Learn

Basic Flying Skills Industrial Application Training
  Fight Safety Education                                                                                             
  Basic knowledge of Photography
  Controlling Practice ✈  Flight Route Planning
  Flight Operation   Appreciation of Aerial Footage
  Basic Aerial Photography Techniques   Techniques of Aerial Photography


All trainees will be required to take the standard testing after the training course, including theory exam and practice test. UTC Certificate will be issued for those who pass the testing, as a recognition of related UAS operation and application ability.

UTC Certificate

This course is not ready in the North America yet, any updates will be post in UTC News. Thanks for your interest in UTC training.

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Contact Training Center

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    +351 221 108 827
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    Avenida da Boavista, 740, 4100-11, Porto