UAS Inspection

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Duration: 12 Day

Basic Skill Training

Flight Safety Education

•  Laws& Regulations

•  Flight Safety

Basic piloting Skills

•  Control Practice

•  Flight Operating

•  UAS Assembly

Introduction to UAS

•  UAS Categories

• Flight Principles for Multi-Rotor Aircraft

Use and Maintenance of Mission Equipment

•  Infrared Cameras

•  Zoom Cameras

•     RTK Modules

Inspection Skills

•  Panoramic Videography

•  Capturing Photo/Video from Multiple Angles

•  Automated Flight Missions

•  Beyond-Visual-Range (BVR) Inspection

Inspection Data Analysis

•  Analysis and Processing of Infrared Data

•  Standard Camera

Demands of Different Industries

•  Standards for Policing

•  Firefighting

•  Electricity

•  Oil Pipelines

•  Forestation

•  Mapping

•  Environmental Protection

Example---Application for cell tower inspection with zoom camera                            Example---Inspection for equipment failure with thermal camera 

Example---Application of thermal camera in environment monitoring                       Example---Practice of latest industrial platforms


All trainees will be required to take the standard testing after the training course, including theory exam and practice test. UTC Certificate will be issued for those who pass the testing, as a recognition of related UAS operation and application ability.

                                                           UTC Certificate

Application Scenarios

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