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Public Safety

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Course Introduction

UAS is widely used in public security, criminal investigations, drug control, S.W.A.T missions, traffic control, firefighting, and more. With application examples including traffic accident investigation, patrolling, event security, criminal tracking, emergency response, forest conservation, fire investigation, disaster relief, and search and rescue, UTC provides targeted courses for security industry trainees.

What You Will Learn

Basic Skills Training

Industrial Application Training

 Flight Safety Education                                                                                    
 Coordination of Operations in the Air and on the Groud
 Flight Maneuvers
Drones Detection
 Emergency Operation Practice          Panoramic Detection
 UAS Assembly
          BVR/WVR Detection
 Use and Maintenance of Mission Equipment
         Night-time detection
        Infrared Camera
 Applications of Drones in Performing Policing Duties
       • Zoom Camera

 Task Planning

       Anti-UAV Defence Systems

Application Scenarios

UTC Trainees

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