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Agricultural Drone Operation

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Course Introduction

                                                           Becoming an Agricultural Drone Pilot

With the fast development of agricultural drone technology, the desire for higher efficiency and safer operations is gradually changing traditional agriculture. DJI’s latest agricultural drone, the T16, has proven how powerful UAV solutions can effectively strengthen productivity. It can spray liquids at a rate of 25 acres per hour, which is 150 times faster and more efficient than manual operations.

This Agricultural Drone Operation course was developed to meet the market demand for more agricultural drone pilots. Based on DJI’s innovative platforms, UTC will provide classes and on-site flight sessions for trainees. This includes an overview of DJI’s latest UAS solutions, flight operation, mission workflows, flight safety knowledge, basic maintenance operations, and more. In the end, trainees will acquire the comprehensive knowledge and skills needed to become professional pilots. 




All trainees will be required to undergo a standard test after the training course, consisting of a theory exam and practical test. A DJI UTC certificate will be issued to those who pass the test, as a recognition of UAS application competence.



1. After registering for this course, the campus you selected will contact you to confirm your registration and guide you through the steps to pay for the course. You can also contact the campus through the contact information listed.

2. Before attending on-site training, you have to complete the theory lessons. Also, it is highly recommended that you practice during your own time with the smaller drone prior to signing up for on-site training to ensure you can confidently participate in the class.

3. Once you have completed onsite training, passed the final theory exam, and passed the practice test, you will be presented with a UTC certificate.

For inquiries, please contact the training center or UTC at