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DJI Expands UTC & DJI Academy Program to Portugal


Update Time: 2020-11-13Source: UTCAuthor: UTC HQ

Hi there,

Today our world live impacted by the transformations caused by automation. This technological development has brought disruption, not only to the various markets, but also to the working environment. These mutations are visible in the tendency for robotization of the work environments and belongs to a 21st century dimension, called The Future of Work.

The drone sector has been following this evolution closely. Because of that, it is essential that pilot aspirants possess the necessary tools to achieve success, making the difference. More than ever, drone applications are present in various contexts of our society. Yes, they are the ones responsible for capturing incredible aerial images, but also for the increment of various business models and even for public safety and saving lives.

This is the message of DJI Academy Portugal. To make it real, it is located in the two most important cities in the country: Lisbon and Porto. In addition to covering the largest metropolitan areas, the north/south geographical distribution allows us to be present in a larger extension of the territory. Besides that, Portugal can be a small country, but excels in climate and hospitality, which means that our practical lessons are rarely compromised and that our instructors are easy-going, welcoming and friendly. Just like our history, our school is also open to the world!

Lisbon is the stunning capital of Portugal, and one of the more charismatic cities in Europe. It mixes tradition and heritage with modernity and technological development. DJI Academy now joins its vast offer. The classrooms are in the Avenida do Campo Grande, number 380, in an historic building with views to a public garden. With excellent conditions, the double-paned windows, which guarantee silence and concentration, and the natural light in harmony the external surroundings, make us forget we are in the center of a cosmopolitan city. In a privileged zone, its location provides a unique opportunity to attend classes peacefully, without leaving Lisbon. The building is in an interface area, near many public transportations, some of which right at the door, and main accesses like several highways. It is also 5 minutes from the Portela airport. Less than 15 minutes away is the airfield for pratical exercises, in Parque Tejo, north of Parque das Nações. With more than 80 acres of views over the Tejo river, verdant zones and different buildings, this flight area allows to recreate all possible training scenarios.

Porto is a fascinating and vibrant city, with an extensive history and longevity. It is the second most populous and important city in the country, and therefore, its popularity skyrocketed in the last decade. These are more than enough reasons for the other DJI Portugal training center to be situated in. In the Invicta, the classroom is in the western zone, in DJIs own ARS, Avenida da Boavista, number 740. For this reason, trainees can enjoy an experience very close to their passion. The room provides all the material and soundproofing necessary for quality training. In addition, if you want to acquire one of our drones, you are closer than ever to a specialized customer service. Beyond the avenue itself, one the city’s main, it is also accessible by multiple public transportation. Following Avenida da Boavista, less than 20 minutes away you can find the Parque da Cidade do Porto, the largest in Portugal and the only one in Europe with a maritime front. With 83 acres, this flight area, surrounded by ample green spaces and other obstacles, is ideal for trainees to establish and improve their key piloting skills.

For these reasons, much more than training, we offer a complete experience, which will leave the trainee with the knowledge and skills to embark on the different future works with drones, but also with a conscience of its social and civil responsibility.

Good flights!

 Belém Tower, Lisbon (city perspective)


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